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Bi-Polar Free!!

I will never be able to thank StaNatural® enough for giving me my life back. I was suffering with a mental illness for most of my adult life. I never knew what was wrong with me until I had a total melt down and was then diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder at the age of 37. For five long horrible years, I emotionally checked out on my family and life. Over a four-year period, I was in and out of the hospital (psych ward) 6 times. Some of the visits lasting 18 days. I had extreme highs and even lower lows. For the last two years of my disorder, I never even left the house unless it was to go to the hospital or to see my psychiatrist. I prayed daily for the Lord to take my life. Then one day my mother-in-law, Donna Garrett, told me about StaNatural® and a woman named Linda Moss. I thought "oh boy, here we go again...one more thing to try." Well, I thank the lord daily for doing so. Linda and my mom came over and after talking to Linda for a few minutes, she poured some capsules in my hand and told me to take them. Trusting my mom, I did so. A day I will never forget!! Within an hour and a half of taking my first dose I did something I hadn't done in two years...I got out of my PJ's and went out to a restaurant. A wonderful feeling of health spread throughout my body and it hasn't stopped since. I can honestly say that I am now completely Bi-Polar free! I've been able to eliminate all of my medications (5) and my psychiatrist has completely released me from his care (a little shocked he was). Along with eliminating the Bi-Polar and meds, I've also lost 100 lbs!!! I've gone from a size 20w to a slinky size 6. (Exercise was not used - heehee) I no longer suffer from migraines, carpal tunnel, bursitis, tendonitis, and those annoying hot flashes that crept up on me a year ago. Also, since starting the herbs, I haven't had a single cold and my bi-annual sinus and bronchial infections haven't returned. I just don't get sick anymore. I started out with a Value Pak and now I take 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, and 2's when needed. I love StaNatural® and I love the new me. The only word I know of that describes Sta-Natural is MIRACLOUS!!

I thank StaNatural® for my Life and I thank the Lord above for bringing me StaNatural®!

Dera Iwaneic- Oregon

In just 4 months I lost 75 pounds and quit smoking at the same time.

Louise Kidd - Oklahoma


I have been using StaNatural® Sta-Thin™ for two weeks. Prior to ordering it, I went shopping for a suit for my job fairs and interviews. This past Wednesday was the job fair at my college. To my surprise my skirt was actually loose and is now in need of serious alterations.

Heather Henneke-Iowa

I started taking StaNatural® products about three months ago and learned about it from Elmer and Erma Sewells. I'm a truck driver and I am on the road all the time. I have been in so much pain in my back, shoulders, hips and knees, which it has been hard to do my daily work duties. I started taking StaNatural® Sta-Thin™, Sta-Balanced™, Eat-Less, Sta-Restored™, and Hope, it has made a world of difference. I feel so much better. I'm not tired all the time, and my pains have improved. I have gone from a size 58 to a size 48. I owe it all to StaNatural®.

Dell Price- Oregon


I am an 81-year-old resident of Sun City, AZ who was born with double kidneys on each side. When I was in my late 20's, the one on my right side became diseased and non-functional and it was removed. I have survived approximately 55 years on the remaining kidney, which was diagnosed in 2003 to be rapidly approaching disfunction.

In December of 2002, my regular doctor sent me to a specialist who immediately told me "YOU MUST GO ON KIDNEY DIALYSIS", your blood and urinalysis show only 18% of normal function. Being a devout Christian, I said doctor, "do you believe in miracles?" He said yes, "I do; but, you must still go on dialysis." The doctor started me on a program to build up my blood with a slight positive response while, at the same time, telling me that dialysis was inevitable.

About that time, I met Dale and Jan Sandberg who introduced me to StaNatural® products. As distributors of these products, they explained to me that the Sta-Young was designed to help cleanse the blood and build the immune system.

I began taking the products in the first quarter of 2003. My blood tests began showing signs of improvement month by month until in July, the doctor said, "I'm letting you off until January of 2004 as long as you take a blood test every month." The most recent blood test showed that my creatinine has now gone down to an acceptable 3.8. I'm convinced that I will not have to go on kidney dialysis as long as I take StaNatural® products. I have always felt that there is something in nature for every ailment and I have found it in StaNatural®. An amazing fringe benefit is that my gout attacks have also stopped, as well as arthritis.

Otto George- Arizona


I heard about StaNatural® from my sister, Bev Tunnell. I knew she suffered from a hiatal hernia and irritable bowel syndrome. She told me that in 1 month she had no more problems. I work in the medical field and knew these are usually surgical cases that require on going care. It was hard to believe that she had no symptoms and she didn't even really watch her diet.

I am Type II diabetic, with diabetic neuropathy in my feet. They were tingly, like they were asleep. It was also painful for me to walk, and even to sleep. I also have sleep apnea, and I am on CPAP and hormone replacement therapy.

I read the StaNatural® Newspaper Bev gave me. She then asked me if I could get rid of one thing, what would it be? I felt the herbs probably would not work for me, but I was ready to try anything to get rid of the pain and coldness in my feet. I started with StaNatural® Sta-Balanced™, and a short time after taking the first two, my feet began to feel warm. Within a week I could wiggle my toes and feel my feet.

I am now taking StaNatural® Eat-Less and Sta-Restored™. I've stopped my hormone pills, my Dilantin for restless leg syndrome, and all pain pills (I used to take 6 prescriptions or more a day). I feel good, walk better, and no longer think about the pain involved in getting up to get a drink of water, etc. It's great to be rid of the pain. I can really say these work.

I also have an ulcer on my leg. It went from deep red to pink and healing. I had my doctor check out StaNatural® products. He looked it over and said it was ok.

Thank you!
Nadine Thomas- Oregon

My name is Laura Scott and I am 47 years old. About a year ago, both my best friend and I started having hot flashes and night sweats associated with menopause. I'd have about 10 hot flashes a night that would take my breath away. I would have to change clothes several times a night from the night sweats and would have to change the bedding daily. My daytime hot flashes were so bad that I would pour ice water down my front to try to cool off.

I have always believed in natural healing and didn't want to take estrogen because of the dangers. I tried another so-called "herbal remedy" prior to StaNatural® with no results. I finally asked a friend if she could recommend anything and she got me StaNatural® Sta-Balanced™. I started taking them immediately and shared some with my friend. Within two days, the symptoms were gone. Both of our hot flashes and night sweats have disappeared.

StaNatural® has worked so well for us that I am now a distributor and am excited to help other people get their health back on track. I have never been interested in selling anything, but StaNatural® products are so amazing I want to share them with others.

Laura Scott- Oregon

Thank you for introducing me to StaNatural® Sta-Balanced™. It is an answer to my prayers. I have been struggling with terrible mood swings because of hormone changes for about 2 years. My doctor took me off of hormone therapy because the high risk of cancer several months ago. There were days when I would wake up in a horrible rage when everything in my life was wonderful. The anger was so overwhelming that I hated to be around people. I prayed that God would show me what to do to be delivered from this life of turmoil. When I was suggested to take the Sta-Balanced™, I started immediately. The very first month brought about tremendous change in my mood. There was no anger, irritability or impatience for even a day! It's like a miracle has been performed. My first grade students thank you, my husband thanks you and I thank you! May God bless StaNatural® as they continue to share health and healing to hurting people.

Melanie Miller- Texas


When I was eleven, I got really sick. My mom took me to a lot of doctors. They said I had juvenile arthritis. I couldn't go to school my whole 6th grade year. My grandma had to teach me at home. The doctors gave me a prescription VIOXX. It made my arthritis worse. I couldn't even walk. My grandma, a StaNatural® distributor, took the VIOXX away and gave me some of her Sta-Restored™. Within a week I could walk without pain. I am back in school, and I am now in the marching band. I also take the Eat-Less for acne, and my face is a lot clearer.

Thank you for the Eat-Less and Sta-Restored™. They have helped a lot.

Michael Janas- Oklahoma

While living in the Middle East, I developed acid reflux, which went into Irritable Bowl Syndrome. It was very painful for me to eat. I also had high cholesterol and triglycerides. My doctors had me on different medications and vitamin supplements, but nothing worked. I had to have blood tests every three months to check the cholesterol. When Liberty started to work for StaNatural®, she told me I needed to try these products. I did not want to put another thing in my mouth. It took me two weeks of prayer before I decided to try it. I started with Eat-Less, Sta-Restored™ and Sta-Cardio™. The day I started, I received the results of my last blood test showing my triglycerides at 266 and my cholesterol at 210. They actually were down for the first time in years. Two months later a new doctor reordered the blood test and my cholesterol was at 199 and my triglycerides at 183. All of the bad, the good and the ugly were normal. Also, my homocysteine level was below the normal range. I know it was StaNatural® that brought the levels down. In the mean time, I started taking the rest of the products and I have been less tired, my face has cleared up, my hair is growing, and my blood pressure is more stable and generally just feeling stronger. I praise God for making StaNatural® available.

Tanya Bentsen- Oklahoma


Perhaps I should tell you, after trying several "quick fixes" and "sure cures," I became very skeptical about any products that promised just that.

I was really surprised when I found myself listening and believing what my good friend Vi Hembree was telling me about the results she had received from taking StaNatural® Sta-Restored™. But let me back up a little. I first heard about the relief she had received from her husband, Don, who was proud to tell me how much better she was feeling after having found this product. This subject came up when I casually asked how Vi was feeling. Knowing Don and Vi as I do, I knew they were just sharing the good news and in no way was trying to just sell the product, but to help me find relief from the severe pain and discomfort I was having from arthritis and knee pain. So for two months I took Sta-Restored™ and received surprising results.

Then Don and Vi went to Snake River fishing. Having fun - they stayed too long and I ran out of the Sta-Restored™. Within a week of not having any, the pain returned. Now I knew how much it had really helped me.

So needless to say, as soon as they returned and Vi could get some more products for me, I began taking them and right away. I began to feel better. So now I tell everyone I hear complaining of arthritis and stiff knees about how great it is not to be in constant pain and discomfort.

Thanks for the relief I now enjoy!
Kate Waldroup- Oregon

I have had pain in my leg and hip. At my evening job the pain in my hip and leg hurt so badly I could hardly walk. A lady I know was taking StaNatural® Sta-Restored™. I finally talked her into letting me have two to try. That night I took just those two pills and I was shocked, the pain was gone. So the very next day I grabbed Rebecca Pledger, StaNatural® distributor, and bought me a bottle. From now on I will always have my Sta-Restored™. Thank you Rebecca Pledger.

Mary Webb- Arkansas

Hello, I'm Melba Sorrell. I first heard of StaNatural®, when our friends Don & Vi Hembree took us out to dinner at Bings Kitchen in Lebanon Oregon for our 45th anniversary. As we were leaving, I picked up a free pamphlet. Vi says "Oh, I'm gonna start selling that soon." I told her I was going to read it and see what I thought. After finishing the pamphlet, I was impressed. I saw that Cornelia Hoover was a distributor, so I called her. She met with me and I bought a bottle of Eat-Less and Sta-Restored™. My husband and I both started taking the Sta-Restored™ right away, it wasn't but a few days till we felt a lot less pain in our back and joints. We have since bought another bottle of Sta-Restored™ from our friend Vi, who is now a distributor.

Melba Sorrell- Oregon

At 60 years old I have been blessed with overall good health. I have taken vitamins for over 40 years, ever since my first son was born. I have only been to the doctors for yearly checkups. Until I found out I had cancer. After having my cancer surgery, I have done exceptionally well. I have taken nothing except StaNatural® Sta-Young, Sta-Energized™, and Eat-Less. I sincerely believe that they helped me heal and recover.

With StaNatural®, prayers and God's blessings, I have been blessed.

Sally Pelham- Oregon


I have been taking StaNatural® Sta-Cardio™ for eight months. I did not take them like I should of as stated on the bottle at first. Once I began to take them properly, I noticed a happy better well-being feeling not long after I took the Sta-Cardio™. You have to try them and take them like you're supposed to, to get results. I also take Hope, Sta-Thin™, Sta-Young, and Eat-Less. They're great. Thanks Stan and Laura. P.S. the New Beef Jerky is awesome.

Tyler Moss- Oregon


I started taking the StaNatural® products two years ago and StaNatural® Hope almost a year ago. Since taking the Hope with Sta-Balanced™, my hot flashes have completely been eliminated. My fingernails used to grow and break off at the ends, now they are growing fast and are very strong. The cancer that I had has not returned, and my immune system has definitely boosted to an all time high. I haven't been sick in over a year-not even a cold.

My husband Wayne has been taking StaNatural® Sta-Young and since taking this, his hair has started to turn darker when his hair has been white for over 11 years.

We both feel better with StaNatural® products. My eyesight has really improved, so maybe before too long I can do away with my contacts. I can't express how much these products have changed our lives. We really love these products, and will continue to use them.

Rebecca and Wayne Pledger-Arkansas

After the birth of my son, I developed psoriasis. It got so bad, my fingernails were falling off, I couldn't wear shoes and my hair was falling out by the handful. I went to a dermatologist and we tried just about everything. The psoriasis kept getting worse. It covered most of my body. Finally the doctor said I had only one more option: a medication that would make me sterile. Scott and Lori had talked to me about StaNatural®, so I decided to try it. I took Hope, Sta-Young, Eat-Less and Sta-Cardio™. After three weeks, my psoriasis was gone, the sores were healed and I feel great.

Thank you.
Gidget Autry- Oregon

I am a 56 year old female and was diagnosed with colon cancer that spread to my liver. I was told that I have two tumors in the liver, one in the pelvic and one in the sacrum! I have been receiving chemotherapy and have been taking StaNatural®'s Hope product daily. On my last visit to the doctor, I was told that the tumor in my liver had shrunk 25% and the tumor in the pelvis 45%.

I believe that the StaNatural® Hope product had a lot to do with the shrinkage of my tumors.

Heidi Cannon-Texas

We will be forever thankful for the improved health we are experiencing. Mike Wilson introduced us to StaNatural®v products on November 11, 2003. We want to thank the StaNatural® Company and all it's employees for the great job they're doing.

I, Val, started taking the Hope and Sta-Cardio™ to help control Gout, which I have had for 30 years. With great result it's gone. Now I can eat anything I please. To my surprise, my skin cancer has disappeared. My dermatologist gave me a clean bill of health last month, no more skin cancer and several abscesses also disappeared.

Around January 4, 2004 Florence and I both decided to start taking all of the StaNatural® products and boy what results. Florence's arthritic hands and knees have improved dramatically and her complexion has improved a great deal. Also her hair is much thicker and darker. She has more energy. As for myself, I haven't felt this good in years. I have much better night vision and I can read much longer than before taking the Sta-Young. Seven years ago, I had heart surgery and was left with numbness in my leg. After taking StaNatural® products, the numbness is gone. I have been able to cut back on some of my heart medication. Thanks a million to StaNatural®.

Val & Florence Rogers- Oregon

I've been taking Sta-Energized™ and Eat-Less for two months and have had great results. I have more energy, my depression is gone, my skin has cleared up, and I feel great! I've even lost some weight. I was diagnosed with a 3-inch cyst in my breast. Scott Hall had me start the Hope product and six weeks later, the cyst was gone.

Lori Moss- Oregon

With proven science and advanced technology, Sta-Natural L.L.C., d.b.a. StaNatural® now offers better products at lower prices. With time tested ingredients, this improved line of products is even better. All StaNatural® products contain premium quality herbs synergistically formulated from their natural form. Every care is taken and every effort made to use only the purest herbs available. The testimonies and results were achieved on the old products. We believe that results will be even greater with our new and improved products. The information provided in this catalog has been derived from many sources, and is comprised of virtually centuries of research and study by many herbalists and others who have devoted their lives to the study of herbs. However, this catalog is intended for general information purposes only to assist you in your individual quest for a healthier lifestyle. It is not intended as a substitute for professional medical care by a licensed medical professional. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any type of disease