Canine Supplements
When my wife was diagnosed with Fibromialgia and started taking the Restoration #7 and having great results, Stan told me they basically came out with the same formula for dogs. Well my grandmother has a chocolate lab that has been suffering for a couple years and all she does is lay around and sleep because of a couple things old age and arthritis. I took a package real "Beef" Canine Joint Treatment home and started giving it to her on Thursday, by Saturday the dog was over at my house playing which is a couple hundred yards away. I knew it had to be helping her because she hadn't been to my house in 2 years. All she ever did was go out and go to bathroom come back in the house lay down and sleep. My grandmother is a lot happier now.

Kelly Schnoebelen-Oklahoma

I took my Poodle, Fe Fe to the Vet. She was limping and couldn�t run or jump up on the divan, where she sleeps and looks out the window during the day. The Vet said she was getting arthritis in that leg. I started her on Sta-Sound joint supplements, in days she started running and jumping, and can jump off the divan now. I can rattle the packages and she comes running. Thanks to Stan and Laura for introducing the product to us.

Peggy Wingo- Oklahoma

This is Bruiser and Bruno they have been enjoying Sta-Sound for about six months. Before they were taking Sta-Sound every day, Bruno was limping by four o�clock. Little did we know that we could help him by giving him one and a half of the Sta-Sound a day would completely make him comfortable all day. He is a very happy and active dog. We originally got the Sta-Sound for Bruno�s joints but we have noticed a change in Bruiser. He is more active than he has ever been, and his coat shines more than before. The boys hear and smell their Sta-Sound bag a mile away.

We love our boys. Thank You for thinking of all our family members.

Natalie and Josh Ellis- Oregon

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