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TMR Vanilla

TMR is a total meal replacement that contains six different types of cold filtered proteins. This meal replacement features the benefits of generous amounts of protein, naturally occurring amino acids, 26 different minerals and vitamins and no artificial sugars. TMR is designed to help burn fat, suppress appetite, increase energy and support healthy blood sugar. TMR is the ultimate meal replacement shake.

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Learn how to become a Preferred Customer and receive TMR for $69.95 with FREE Shipping! Call the Sta-Natural corporate office at (877) 399-7545.

Experts agree that TMR is the healthiest and best tasting meal replacement ever formulated when mixed with cold water. This shake truly tastes great, mixes very well and leaves no chalky after taste. Sta-Natural takes great pride in offering a great tasting shake with no artificial sugars.

What people are saying about TMR "Total Meal Replacement"

TMR helped Pam lose 46 pounds and 8 dress sizes!

“I've lost 46 pounds with Sta-Natural's TMR. The delicious shake also helped me go from a size 24 pant size to a size 16! I drink an outstanding vanilla shake every morning for breakfast. I love TMR! It is the most natural protein drink I've ever had. There is nothing out there with the taste, nutrition, and consistency to compare with TMR.

There is no sugar in it, no soy protein, and I like that for many reasons. I have a stepdaughter who is a registered nurse, and I started talking to her about TMR. The first thing she asked was if it had soy protein in it. I said no, and she said good because women don't do well with soy protein. She also said that anyone who is arthritic, male or female, should not intake soy protein. Arthritis feeds on soy protein. It makes me so happy to know that I can share Sta- Natural's TMR with those who have arthritis because it won't aggravate it.

I tried Slim-Fast which didn't really do much because I got hungry immediately after drinking it. I don't like the taste of those other products at all; they're just bad.

I just think Sta-Natural's TMR program is fabulous, and I know it will go a long, long way. My testimony is proof!”

— Pam from Oregon

Ohio nurse loses 65 pounds with TMR!

Our newest TMR success story comes from Doug, a nurse in Ohio. He has been drinking Sta-Natural's TMR meal replacement for five months and has already lost 65 pounds! This product is incredible!

TMR helps Type-1 diabetic sleep better!

“As a diabetic, for the last 20 years I have suffered with night sweats, up and down all night going to the restroom, and never getting much sleep. With TMR, I now sleep all night! I have lost over 50 pounds using TMR!”

— Rick from Oklahoma

Oregon couple loves TMR!

Ken & Gwen Reynolds have tried other meal replacements in the past, but they just didn't satisfy. Then they discovered TMR by Sta-Natural!

Barrel racer Tara uses TMR!

“I tried Body by Vi - it did not work! It tasted bad and was expensive. The great thing about Sta-Natural's TMR is it is easy to use, tastes great and it works! At $2.33 per meal, there is nothing on the maket that compares to TMR. I lost 16 pounds in 45 days with TMR!”

— Tara from Texas

TMR is a key product in Sta-Natural's Weight Loss Pack!

TMR "Total Meal Replacement," along with Sta-Energized Plus, Sta-Thin, Eat Less, and Sta-Cardio, make up Sta-Natural's Weight Loss Pack. Master Herbalist Laura Dennison talks about the products and their benefits.

TMR makes a big difference in health!

“My wife Dee has been very sick for about 3 years. She keeps losing weight and the doctor says they cannot find anything wrong. She was down to 104 lbs. and so weak she was barely walking with a walker. They have done every test they can think of and they still just shake their heads not knowing what to do. A friend told me about Sta-Natural's TMR "Total Meal Replacement" with all the good nutrition. I started giving TMR to Dee every morning. I sometimes add a banana or berries.

I told my friend, "I feel the TMR has done more for Dee in the last two months than the doctors have done in three years." She is sleeping all night which she didn't do before, and she is feeling better and stronger. I can just see a big difference since she started taking the Sta-Natural TMR. Thanks Stan and Laura for these great products.”

— George & Dee from Oregon