Sta-Natural developed its product lines for pets and people with YOU in mind! Stan and Laura only wanted the best ingredients to be used in their supplements and pet products because those are the ingredients they want their family members and pets to be using.

Laura Dennison is a Master Herbalist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Nutritional Consultant with a passion for providing the best-quality vitamins, minerals and supplements to all so they can achieve a healthier and more natural lifestyle.

Stan Dennison has experience as an entrepeneur, real estate developer and owner of diverse business interests, bringing a strong, driving force to Sta-Natural. In 1993, Dennison was the co-founder and President of Tele-Sales, Inc., which was supported by 485,000 distributors and generated more than 50 million dollars in sales.

After entering into the explosive health industry, the Dennison duo are devoting all their time, experience and energy to Sta-Natural and its proven product lines. Both love working together as a team, partners in life and in business.